Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann are the names behind Telmo Miel artistic machinery. Telmo Pieper was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands where he graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy. He is a creator, image maker and a contemporary graffiti artist. Miel Krutzmann also received his degree from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, and he is a mural painter and illustrator, who started drawing as a child and never stopped. Together, they share a fascination for realistic imagery and are currently making life-sized wall paintings using spray-paint all over the globe. They met at Willem de Kooning Academy in 2007 when Miel was painting walls with spray paint for several years already and he was mostly spraying with artist Amok. So, he showed Telmo the possibilities in muralism. Telmo had never worked with a spray can before he met Miel as he was making only drawings and painting in Photoshop. While studying, they created a graffiti crew named Codex Inferno. “We started a crew called Codex Inferno. Together with a third person who will remain unnamed. Telmo and I always had the biggest ambitions, and really wanted to get up in the higher levels of street-art and graffiti, to do big walls and make a living doing what we love most… Our third partner at that time had a different idea about things, so we decided to give him the name, and go our separate ways.” From 2012 they continued as TelmoMiel and as a duo.