Long Beach, CA

Never Made, born Francisco Reyes Jr. in Compton, is no frills when it comes to his experience growing up in Los Angeles: he faced gangs, dealt with the troubles and beauty of having immigrant parents, and expressed himself initially through punk music. Those punk roots inspired Never Made—as much a brand as it is the artist—a makeshift clothing and art space he ran out of his garage, eventually attracting the attention of none other than Shepard Fairey. His clean, graphic work has since been a dedicated part of the Obey world as Never Made continues to expand its presence. Aside from his work with OBEY and Never Made, Francisco has had the privilege to freelance for key brands like Rebel 8, The Hundreds, Hurley, Primitive Skateboards, Epitaph, Hellcat Records, Urban Outfitters, FYF Festival and Day N Night Festival.