B4flight is a self taught Los Angeles based street photographer with a very distinctive style. His images are a dichotomy of light and dark opposing the very existence of one another. This is immediately apparent to the viewer as he pulls you into the emotion of the subject and allows you to visit in his experience. Whether it be a geometric cityscape, urban exploration, an artist in mid-creation or a human being living on the streets, his sense of intimacy and vulnerability is compelling and unsettling to the viewer. 

As the exclusive documentarian to Christina Angelina and Findac on their North American tour and active contributor to Instagrafite, b4flight has had the ability to travel worldwide with large format street artists and capture their creations in a ‘rock-star’ like manner. Having participated in events such as Art Basel and Berlin Rising in Germany his work has been published online in High Fructose, Juxtapose, Streetartnews and VNA.

In his free time, b4flight utilizes his talents to contribute philanthropically to Dirty Model, Midnight Mission and the I Have a Name Project.

His images can be viewed on www.b4flightfoto.com or @b4_flight.